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» Do you find the number of information technologies and standards in use within your environment to be bewildering?
» Do computer system problems leave you feeling frustrated and confused?
» Do your suppliers seem to lack any knowledge of your business?

Answered yes to any of these?

We can help.


Computer system problems can drive you and your staff crazy!

Most businesses have a much greater mix of computer platforms, technologies and applications than they realize. Even systems that appear to be the same can be quite different when operating at different release levels.

Many of the problems experienced by your staff result from these differences. Vendors and suppliers are usually not much help either unless you've purchased everything from a single manufacturer and retailer.

So when you have problems, you're on your own. And, unless you have a very large information systems staff, it's unlikely that you have the requisite expertise in house to solve problems caused by incompatible systems. Nagging problems tend to persist and strike repeatedly.

Computers ... great when they work, frustrating beyond belief when they don't.

You can solve many of these types of problems by trashing everything you have and buying all new systems that are identical. Not very practical advice.

The key to solving these problems cost effectively is to understand what you have and take maximum advantage of it. Once you know what platforms, technologies and applications you have and how to use them, the benefits to your business will become readily apparent.

Rather than spending precious time and money battling daily computer hassles, you'll devote that time to getting your job done and building your business. We'll help you to focus on what matters to your business while we focus on your computer problems.

It all begins by cataloging what you have.

This program begins by building a catalog of all the major computer platforms, technologies and applications that you use in running the business. Once we know what you have, we can quickly identify those items that require upgrading, patching or disposal.

We can make changes for you, work with your internal staff to make the changes or provide information to your systems provider so they can take care of it. It's up to you.

And, by the way, we don't sell any end user products so we have no hidden agenda to sell you new or upgraded products. In fact, the best possible outcome from our perspective would be to simply apply some patches and free vendor upgrades. Your cost will be low and we'll have a satisfied client.

Solve the problems and don't let them happen again.

Once the problems are resolved, it's important to have a process in place to prevent recurrence. We'll provide you with a complete electronic inventory in the form of a spreadsheet or small database. You'll receive instructions on how to maintain the inventory.

You'll also get a set of best practices tailored to your environment for avoiding such problems in the future. And, once a client, always a client. You can call or email anytime with questions. Anytime!

Platforms, technologies and applications are just tools!

If your problems relate more to workflow and less to the underlying technology, you should take a look at our Workflow Effectiveness Program.

Computer and software

It gets worse!

Your software applications and the systems they run on tend to get more complex over time. As your business grows, as you hire more people, as your needs change, you keep adding point solutions.

Ultimately, incompatibilities will surface. What used to work, doesn't anymore. What was adequate to get the job done, isn't any longer.

Don't panic. This evolution is normal.

Vendors and suppliers will try to talk you into endless upgrades. These don't always work. In fact, upgrades can make the situation worse if you're not taking the entire environment into consideration.

We can take an objective view of your environment. We'll assess the people, processes and programs (ie. software). By examining the entire situation, We'll get to root causes.

We'll provide you with technology guidance that makes sense for your business.

Our recommendations will be clear, sensible and cost effective.