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» Do you feel that your software investments are not paying back in full?
» Are you using many software programs to run your business?
» Are there manual tasks that you think could and should be automated?

Answered yes to any of these?

We can help.


Every transaction you complete could be costing you money.

If your business or workgroup is like most, you spend much more time and money conducting business than necessary. How? Here are some examples.

You get the idea. Computers are not a solution. They are tools to be used effectively.

You can extract more value from your investments.

By extracting more value from your existing investments, you and your staff are able to focus on your business. Customers get faster response and better quality service. Partners and suppliers find it easier to do business with you. Employees are more productive and happier.

Spend your time focused on running the business not devising clever ways to get around computer system limitations. Sound impossible? It's not!

Put computer technologies to work for you, not against you, and you'll be amazed at how much more productive your entire organization can be.

It's not difficult and less costly than doing nothing.

Our approach is simple and direct. We like to speak with the participants in the workflow either individually or in small groups. We examine existing documentation, data entry screens, reports and other supporting materials. It's critically important to identify the key areas of ineffectiveness.

This program works with any software application package (for example, ACT!, Documentum, FileNet, Goldmine, Great Plains, Microsoft Office, Oracle Financials or CRM, Peoplesoft, SAP, Siebel, etc.). The emphasis is on how the job gets done.

This may sound complex but it's not. Having done this type of assessment many times, we know how to get through it quickly. The secret is to focus on major activities and big time wasters. When done well, the whole process takes less than 2 weeks in most cases.

You'll receive specific recommendations in the following areas:
It's risk free!

So what are you waiting for? An initial consultation is complimentary and without any obligation. We'll come to your office. We'll do a quick overview of the situation and lay out a brief project plan.

24 hours later, we'll send you a formal proposal with firm time and cost figures. It's that easy. You have nothing lose.

Want to know more about open-source alternatives? Read our article called "Are You Throwing Money Away?".


Change happens!

Most people find computers to be intimidating and mysterious. Unfortunately, these attitudes prevent them from taking full advantage of the capability provided by the software.

All too often, as the business changes the software in use and the procedures for using that software effectively do not change.

Just because you've "always done it this way", doesn't mean the approach is optimal.

Just because "it works", doesn't mean its robust.

Change is a constant. Your competition changes and evolves all the time.

The only sustainable advantage you have is what you know and how effectively you use it. That's where DAMICON comes in.

We can help you use what you know more effectively.