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» Does your website truly reflect you and your business?
» Do visitors to your website compliment you on it's clarity and effectiveness?
» Can you define how much new business is driven through your website?

Answered no to any of these?

We can help.


Your website could be costing you business and damaging your reputation!

Have you ever surfed through a website and gotten frustrated because you couldn't find what you were looking for or couldn't figure out what the company is offering? Have you ever had your website evaluated for its effectiveness at conveying your message and attracting business?

Frankly, most websites are trash. They do a poor job of representing their owners. The result is lost business, frustrated customers, increased telephone complaints and wasted money. It's true that just about anyone can build a website. High school and college students do it all the time. However, building a great website requires a professional.

We're not talking about graphic design. Graphic artists have special skills that are well worth the cost. It's not about art. It's about navigation, ease of use and the ability to keep a visitor engaged.

It's the 21st century! Your website must be integral to your business!

A great website should engage, educate and entice the visitor. Someone engaged at your site will spend time perusing and understanding. Always good for business. They will be educated by what they read and want to learn more. Finally, the visitor is enticed to contact your firm or purchase your product.

If your site provides transactional services such as the ability to buy, track orders or check account status, speed is of the essence. Forget glitz. Your customers want to get in, transact and get on with their lives. They'll be satisfied customers and your phones won't be ringing out of frustration.

You don't need to start over. You need to fine tune.

We'll assess your website for its effectiveness. That is, its ability to engage, educate and entice. How? By asking and answering questions such as these.

There are many more questions to be answered but you get the idea! Often, sites need to be re-organized but not re-built. We'll help you find cost-effective ways to upgrade your site so that its effectiveness improves dramatically.

This process can be quick and painless.

We'll begin by getting on the same page with regard to your business objectives and your expectations for your website. We'll ask you many questions with regard to the site and how it relates to your business.

That effort will be followed by an in-depth assessment of the site including a detailed site map to show how the pages relate to each other. Our final report will tell you where the site works well and where it falls short. We'll include specific recommendations for improvements using a phased approach so you can spread out the effort and cost of making changes.

We can make changes to the site for you, convey the changes to your web developer or, bring in one of our partners to do the work. The choice is yours.

Take the initiative and bring your website into the 21st century!

We'll gladly meet with you at your office at any time. An initial consultation has no cost or obligation. You'll receive a detailed written proposal within 24 hours. You have nothing to lose but much to gain.

If you'd like to step back and take a broader view of applying technology to your business, please take a look at our "Technology Value Program".


The world is watching!

Think about it. Put up a website and you have worldwide visibility! Truly amazing.

Visibility can be good or bad. It's how you take advantage of it.

This program is aimed at those of you who recognize that the World Wide Web has changed the rules. Businesses and consumers make major buying decisions every day based largely on the information they find on the Web.

Businesses that don't have a Web presence will soon be extinct. Those whose Web presence is ineffective are next.

The internet is a phenomenon for two very simply reasons. First, it enables communications through a variety of means from plain text to full motion video.

Second, it empowers buyers providing them with information to make intelligent purchase decisions.

Don't underestimate the importance of your website.

Treat it as you would any other critical part of your business.